Centrifuge Launches Onchain Fund Management Platform

March 19, 2024 - Centrifuge, the platform for onchain finance, announced the launch of its fund management platform designed to onboard credit funds to public blockchains. Centrifuge offers a product that captures an entire fund's onchain and offchain portfolio positions, transactions, and operations data in a secure, immutable, and reportable manner.

Asset managers have been hesitant to move operations onchain without a compelling enough improvement to their operational and financial processes. The opportunity must be greater than the switching cost. With Centrifuge, managers now have a unified onchain product that connects all service providers and data into a central control panel to automate reporting, streamline fund operations, and improve transparency for investors.

"Institutional investors will come when the best opportunities are onchain," said Lucas Vogelsang, co-founder of Centrifuge. "So we're focused on enticing asset managers to tokenize their funds by providing the reporting, automation, and third-party integration capabilities they require to build a better business onchain."

The platform has already seen strong initial adoption. Anemoy, a web3 native asset manager, integrated with Trident Trust, a leading fund administrator with a vision to pioneer efforts of automated onchain fund structures, to manage their regulated BVI professional fund built on Centrifuge.

"Working with Centrifuge has given us access to service providers and infrastructure that made it possible to launch a fully onchain regulated fund in less than 3 months," said Martin Quensel, co-founder of Anemoy. "We're looking forward to continuing to trailblaze in our efforts for automating onchain fund structures."

Trident Trust is closing the gap between tokens onchain and assets and fiat in the real world. Its demonstrated track record of working with highly innovative businesses and new blockchain protocols make it a strong fit for Centrifuge and Anemoy.

“We're excited to work with Anemoy to build one of the first tokenized, regulated funds that maintains an onchain record of portfolio data and net asset valuations. This increases transparency while streamlining typically burdensome reporting and reconciliation processes,” said David Mungall, Trident Trust’s Head of Fund Administration for the Caribbean.

"The work we’re doing to launch a fund on Centrifuge will be applicable to any future asset manager with a similar vision.”

Centrifuge's fund management platform is available now for funds and asset managers looking to launch tokenized investment products and strategies.

Founded in 2017, Centrifuge is the platform for onchain finance. Notable firsts include minting MakerDAO’s first real-world asset, structuring the first onchain securitization, launching the RWA Market with Aave and bringing the first credit fund’s operations onchain with BlockTower. Centrifuge provides both the infrastructure and ecosystem to tokenize, manage, and invest into a complete, diversified portfolio of real-world assets.

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