Centrifuge Q1 2024 Recap

By Devin Black, Product Marketing @ Centrifuge

2024 kicked off with a bang for Centrifuge and the broader asset tokenization space. Major institutional players (hello, BlackRock!) now believe in our mission to tokenize the world’s assets onchain. We’re continuing to launch new products and embark on new partnerships. We’ve continued to solidify our position as a leader in bringing assets and funds onchain. Read on to discover the key updates and milestones from Q1!

Fund Management, Now Onchain

Last month, Centrifuge launched Onchain Fund Management: A platform that brings the full power of onchain finance to asset managers and investment funds.

Fund managers can now build their fund fully onchain via Centrifuge, saving costs and creating efficiencies while also providing investors an easier-than-ever way to participate in RWA-backed investment opportunities. All onchain.

Anemoy, a pool on Centrifuge that provides exposure to U.S. Treasuries, was able to spin up and launch their fully onchain, regulated, real-world fund in only 3 months — and attract liquidity from multiple L1 and L2 chains — with Centrifuge’s Fund Management platform.

The Real-World Asset Summit Goes Global

Last year, we tried something new: an RWA-focused event series bringing together the best builders and experts in the space. Our first event in New York was a resounding success, so we’ve decided to step it up.

In 2024, we’re holding RWA Summit events worldwide across Dubai, Austin, Brussels, and Singapore. Then, in October, we return to New York City for the flagship Summit — now a two-day conference.

Our first globe-trotting event is in Dubai next week!

Follow @rwasummit on X to keep up with everything we’ve got in store for this year.

Centrifuge Everywhere Continues Forward

We’re working hard on our multi-chain strategy: bringing RWAs on Centrifuge to users on any supported chain via Liquidity Pools. Here’s the latest:

Gnosis DAO has passed a proposal for them to establish a legal entity that will allow them to invest in RWAs on Centrifuge. They are targeting up to a $10M investment into Treasury Bills on Centrifuge via the Anemoy pool.

Celo’s ecosystem has invested into RWAs. This is a great example of Centrifuge deployed on an EVM chain like Celo, allowing everyone in their ecosystem to seamlessly participate in RWAs!

Protocol Fees Go Live

Protocol fees are live on Centrifuge, meaning that we are now a revenue generating protocol. Paid in stablecoins, these fees are used to fund future development and innovation of the protocol, governed by Centrifuge token holders.

Report: How Stablecoins, RWAs, and Onchain Capital Markets Will Evolve

Stablecoins are RWAs too! We interviewed crypto’s top stablecoin connoisseurs to hear their thoughts on the future of stablecoins — and the onchain capital markets that run on them. Then, we combined our findings into a deep-dive report. Serious alpha within.

Read the full report here.

We’re hiring. Join Centrifuge!

We’re hiring for four new roles at Centrifuge:

  • Director of Institutional Sales

  • Director of DeFi Business Development

  • Head of Product

  • Senior Solidity Engineer

We're a distributed team with a passion for building the best products in decentralized finance. Learn more and get in touch!

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